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100 x V-Wedges

Used with the V3 Ring, the V-Wedge has great matrix sealing capability at the gingival margin. Its smart features make it easy to place, adapting to the contours of the interproximal space.

  • Self-guiding
  • Adaptive sealing
  • Accommodates gingival tissue
  • Strength and anatomical design
  • Sure and safe positioning
  • Stackable


There are two types of V-Wedges, hard and soft. Each are color coded for ease of reference.

– V-Wedge Light Yellow (small hard)
– V-Wedge Dark Yellow (small soft)
– V-Wedge Light Green (medium hard)
– V-Wedge Dark Green (medium soft)
– V-Wedge Light Blue (large hard)
– V-Wedge Dark Blue (large soft)

Most wedges have to be rigid enough to provide tooth separation but also be adaptive enough to provide sealing of the matrix at the gingival margin. Where other wedges suffer from a conflict of function, the V-Wedge achieves superbly – providing optimal anatomical approximation and a broad gingival seal.

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