V3 Blue Disposable System

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10 x V3 Blue Rings
30 x V3 Tab-Matrices
30 x Wave-Wedges

V3 Blue is an economical and convenient way to enjoy all the benefits of the V3 Sectional Matrix System, with its wide indications for use. The V3 is the world’s leading system for Class II posterior composite restorations, winning numerous awards as well as the endorsement of thousands of dentists.

The V3 Blue Ring is made from plastic instead of nickel-titanium. It replicates the anatomical and separation qualities of the NiTi ring to produce high quality restorations with predictable, tight contacts and superior tooth anatomy with minimal finishing.

With V3 Blue there’s no need to clean and autoclave the ring – just use and discard.

Features and benefits:

  • Spring force creates optimal tooth separation
  • V-shaped tines allow you to wedge from both sides simultaneously
  • Ring tines anatomically shaped for superior adaptation
  • Tines will not collapse into wide cavities
  • Spring angle allows for easy stacking for multiple restorations
  • Flexible Wave-Wedges adapt to matrix
  • Matrices anatomical in shape for natural restorations
  • Designed for single use but can be autoclaved
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