Triotray Low Wall Starter Pack

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1 x small Low Wall
1 x Large Low Wall
10 x Inserts (5 of each size)

Triotray Low Wall is a lightweight, fully rigid impression tray for use where the dentist prefers a firm impression material or, for example, where large tori are present.

Features and benefits:

  • Solid Stainless Steel Instruments: These mirror-polished trays will provide many years of accurate impression taking. Their smooth, durable surface makes them quick and easy to clean.
  • Labs process: The entire tray is sent to the lab for manufacturing of the case. It is then returned to the practice for cleaning and re-use.
  • Disposable inserts: Triotray Low Wall uses the same low-cost, single-use mesh inserts as the Triotray Pro.
  • Two tray sizes : Triotray Low Wall trays come in two sizes – large (green) for cases where a wisdom tooth is present and small (blue) for smaller mouths and where there is no wisdom tooth.
  • Mesh insert refills: Refills come in large and small sizes and are available in 50-packs and 100-packs.


Pack Configurations:

Five-pack: Each tray size comes in a five-pack kit, with 20 inserts.
Two-pack: Both tray sizes with 5 inserts for each size.


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