360° Cervical Matrix

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100 x 360° Cervical Matrices for Composite

Even the most difficult-to-reach Class V cavity, like the lingual or buccal of a lower second molar, presents no problem to the 360° Cervical Matrix. The rotatable matrix gives you easy access everywhere, and helps you achieve a great finish in less time.

Not only does the matrix rotate 360° on its handle, but there are also three tweezer positions, so all angles are covered, no matter how awkward they might be.

The 360° Cervical Matrix is clear for curing, and flexible to facilitate a well-sealed gingival margin and quality esthetics. You will produce a mirror-like finish and ideal contours, even sub-gingivally.

Features and benefits:

  • Versatile system for faster Class V restorations – easy build, quicker finishing
  • Reaches every tooth with ease
  • Excellent seal on gingival margin
  • High quality esthetics and mirror finish
  • Clear matrices for easy curing
  • Rotatable handle and three grip positions for easy access and application angles
  • Flexible matrix conforms to tooth contour
  • Prevents voids and air-inhibited layer


You don’t need to be a sculptor or a contortionist to create perfect Class Vs – just let the 360° Cervical Matrix do the hard work for you.

360° Cervical Matrices come in three sizes: small, medium and large.



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